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Color version of Shiori in a race of her inline skates versus a Velomobile - 2of2

The penciled one can be seen here (click).

This is the colored version showing Shiori with her lovely dark brown skin and black hair with reddish sheen. The background scenery is from my own photograph of Mount Adams in Washington State. It is very similar to Shasheerian mountain scenery. Other than that, it is just like the penciled one. The text below is the same...
:bulletorange: :bulletblue: :bulletorange: :bulletblue:

And the race is on! (Continued from here (click).)

Shiori stripped all clothes for the race as did Pam, who churns away inside her velomobile (But then, Pam ALWAYS goes nude!).
Indeed certain interesting phenomenon are observed. Up a hill, Shiori catches up and passes Pam. Down hill, Pam catches up with Shiori. That's not too surprising...
Velomobile - 80 pounds. Inline skates - Uh, maybe 3 pounds.
But on the crests of hills or in relatively flat areas, Shiori just edges Pam out. Nobody expected that.

Shiori attacked the race with considerable fervor. Perhaps Pam was not expecting such a challenge! It was said that Pam had a leisurely and sumptuous breakfast only an hour before the race. Not advisable if serious about racing. Pam probably thought she could easily whip this "silly skater." Kinda reminds me of the story of the tortoise and the hare. At the end of the 10-mile course, Shiori crossed the finish line first, an easy-to-judge but fairly close 50 feet ahead of Pam in her velomobile. In places, speeds had topped 50 miles per hour.

Shiori finished the race huffing and puffing, sweating profusely. But as Pam clamored out her velomobile, she was raining sweat, and vapors billowed forth from the velomobile interior with her as she came out into the 55-degree (13 Celsius) air. Pam's skin had taken on a definite reddish flush.
Shiori laughed, though still huffing from the exertion, and joked, "Look at that cooked lobster! She boiled in her own juices in there! Bet it smells!"
"Shaddup, you!" Pam could barely huff out.
Shiori just laughed.

It was the talk of the shop and even away from the shop for a while about how someone in inline skates could whip a velomobile-pampered rider. One of the gals at the shop said that the race's course had a total of 100 feet climb, according to her altimeter-equipped speedometer. But 100 feet over 10 miles? It was not THAT much of a climb. But it may have given Shiori a small edge.
But everyone agreed, what won the race for Shiori was her sheer, awesome, incredible leg strength. Pam, like any Taqh woman, did not like hearing that anyone, particularly a Betaqh woman, is stronger than her, but Shiori just plain has incredibly powerful legs. Everyone figured, if Shiori indeed raced a velomobile, no one could beat her.

On a frigid day in winter, it was additionally dark overcast and drizzling rain and sleet; just a gosh-awful day. On days like that, Shiori does reluctantly use her velomobile. Though unable to keep up with her over the entire commute, a co-worker noted that when Shiori started up from stop lights, her wheels squealed and she jetted out ahead of everyone else. Of course, she then had to screech to a stop at the next stop light.

Put Shiori into any velomobile and it instantly becomes a high-performance sports car!

This is frame 2 of 2 frames. Click here to go to the first frame. But read below first...
:bulletred: :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange:

This Shasheerian Betaqh gal "Shiori" is somewhat based on the Shiori seen here. She is a character by

I have modified her greatly to "convert" her into a Shasheerian. One of the changes was the ears. Shasheerian Betaqh often have "elf ears", so I had to put them in.
For the moment, unless Deviant Art tells me otherwise, I am putting this picture under the "fan art" classification, because it is a fan art of Bitwize's Shiori.
I was not sure whether to say this is fan art or not. Must the character that it is fan art of be a famous one, like K.i.v.a? (Spelled that way to prevent searches on that character from finding this page only to find that she isn't here.) Or can the fan art be of another Deviant Art member's character? Well, I'm sure the Deviant Art officials will let me know soon if not! :-)

Anyway, although converted into a Shasheerian, she retains some basic Shiori characteristics. She is "bottom heavy", with tremendously muscular thighs, calves, and butt. She has butt-length, black hair with a reddish sheen, and is dark skinned. And she likes inline skates. She even has a chipped tooth.
I don't know how Bitwize's Shiori got a chipped tooth, but this Shasheerian version has a typical reason for Shasheerian women:
Whenever asked, "How come you got a chipped tooth?" Shiori replies, "I got it in a fight with another bitch over a man. And let me assure you, that bitch went away with a lot more than a chipped tooth!"
"...Was she... was she a Betaqh?"
"Of course not! We Betaqh are smart! It would have to be some dumb Taqh bitch to be stupid enough to challenge me over a man! Betaqh hussies know better than to mess with me!"

Hmm, in other words, she must have whopped a Taqh woman. That's saying something since they are usually so big and strong. But you see her in the picture. Shiori, though shorter, is powerfully built. She could probably take Pam on, so Pam better stop spouting off her mouth.
bitwize Featured By Owner May 25, 2010
You really set Shiori and Pam against some gorgeous scenery here!
MuscleWomen-Planet Featured By Owner May 27, 2010
Taken from an actual photograph (mine, so no copyright problems). Northwest USA and west Canada sure have it made in the scenery department, that's for sure.
bitwize Featured By Owner May 31, 2010
I lived in Portland, Oregon for a year. Scenes like that live fondly in my memories...
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